PCs Refurbishment

Professionally Refurbishing Computers
Providing Value to Communities

Technology nowadays has become a necessary tool used by almost everyone in Egypt. Businesses  and governments today are so reliant on computers and its accessories to the extent that need for replacement by new, updated equipment occurs every two to five years. On the other hand, there are underprivileged communities within Egypt which have limited or almost no access to the benefits technology can provide.
With such a wide digital divide between the two ends of society, PDF decided to make ends meet, via the PC refurbishment program, in a mutually beneficial cycle.
Designed to empower people so that they can access and contribute to information and knowledge flows, PDF started an initiative to form partnerships with all groups of society whereby companies and institutions would donate their second-hand, damaged, or discarded computers to organizations who will repair and upgrade them using certified guidance from our partners. And in hopes to enhance opportunities of spreading the use of technology, these computers will, in turn, be provided at low cost to educational, social and charitable institutions as well as micro-entrepreneurs.


  • By giving outdated computers a second life, we help elongate their life span and minimize the e-waste resulting from improper disposal.
  • Empowering non-governmental organizations to better serve their communities
  • Providing new jobs in the field of IT for Egyptian youth
  • Reducing the effect of e-waste
  • Help under served communities benefit from the usage of affordable, refurbished computers to realize their full potential.
  • Reduce the level of software piracy nationally by providing original licenses.

Project Description
By turning old computers into useful tools that help serve the community, we aim at establishing a
comprehensive, self-sustaining system that not only empowers beneficiary entities in the educational, social and entrepreneurial fields, but help conserve the environment, therefore reducing the improper disposal of technology. The initiative provides benefits on all contributing levels by covering the whole range of tasks from mobilizing donors of second-hand PCs to refurbishment and distribution of sold PCs to beneficiaries.


We are proud of the efforts exerted by our partners to help foster foundations for enhanced learning and
economic opportunities. Through the partnership with Microsoft, PDF is backed up by the world’s top software brand to ensure the refurbished PCs run smoothly and effectively. As part of their contribution to the program, Ifixit will provide organizations with the tools, guidance and know-how required to update the donated PCs.