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  • Mohamed Elshazly
    Registration Number:
    260 / 2010
    Fields of Work:
    ElAmal Sq. next to the mosque Ashkan
    "Agyal Project : a special project where children are taught a number of behavioral and life-skills, which help in the rehabilitation of these children to deal with the community and make them volunteers in the future. 2. Project vision of goodness: The project aims to lift the suffering of the incapable families by providing micro-economic projects to generate income for them, this project falls within the economic empowerment of women in particular activities. 3. heritage treasure: The project aims to revive the city's social and cultural legacy by holding a number of seminars and workshops to educate the people of the city as well as social and cultural legacies that have faded with the daysin a first of its kind experience in Al-Qusair"