NGOS Award of Excellence:

It is an initiative launched by the Professional Development Foundation (PDF) in 2016 under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, with the aim of giving support to the NGO sector in Egypt and providing ways to raise their professional and administrative capabilities. In addition, it encourages innovation and raises the status of NGOs in front of the private sector to support serious projects in the areas of development in order to further contribute to finding solutions to societal problems.

Award Subject:

Topics of the award of excellence usually focus on various areas of development in order to access creative experiences and successful projects that affect the lives of individuals. The award committee focuses on the efforts of NGOs in Egypt to bring about development in society and solve its problems, as well as contribute to supporting the state’s efforts to meet the humanitarian, social and economic needs of the Egyptian society.

Award Objectives:

Main Objective:

Upgrading the level of civil society organizations and motivating NGOs to highlight best practices in the developmental fields in a way that contributes to expanding the circle of beneficiaries.

Sub Objective:

Supporting distinguished civil societies that aim at human and community development. Promote exchange of experiences and encourage innovation to find solutions to problems facing community development. Shed light on the ability of NGOs to manage successful projects.

 Award categories:

 The award of excellence consists of certificates of excellence and financial grants in addition to in-kind prizes.

  • First Place: Certificate of Excellence and a grant of one hundred and fifty thousand pounds Egyptian pounds.
  • Second Place: Certificate of Excellence and a grant of one hundred thousand pounds Egyptian pounds.
  • Third Place: Certificate of Excellence and a grant of seventy five thousand pounds Egyptian pounds.
  • Fourth Place: Certificate of Excellence and a grant of fifty thousand pounds Egyptian pounds.

The winning NGOs must obtain a minimum of 80% in the evaluation of the judges.

Terms of submission:

For NGOs to be eligible to participate, they must comply with the following conditions:

  1. The NGO must be restricted in accordance with the provisions of the law on associations and private institutions and have an approved internal regulation.
  2. The NGO has a fixed headquarters for practicing its activities (title deed, lease contract, approval of allocation, or usufruct).
  3. The NGO has been declared public for three years and has at least one approved budget.
  4. The NGO is obligated to spend the grant money in projects or programs related to human development only.
  5. Development should be the most important axis of the activities of all applying NGOs.
  6. The NGO has had a financial audit report for the past two years.
  7. The NGO has permanent employment (minimum 5 employees).
  8. The NGO has a business history of projects.
  9. The NGO fulfills all the papers/documents required to apply for the award.

Application steps:

1- Online Application

NGOs willing to apply must complete the online registration form through the following link: www.pdf-eg.org award at the deadline for registration.

2- NGOs willing to apply must visit the award website and download a copy of

  • Award guide that provides the NGOs with all the information, steps and details of submitting offers.
  • Approving the aspects of grant spending.

3- Introductory session about the award of excellence

Once the award application period has expired, PDF invites the accepted NGOs to attend an introductory session about the award of excellence, explaining all the rules, as well as responding to inquiries.

4- Provide contact person’s data

Each NGO must provide its contact person’s data so that we can set all meeting appointments and interviews with the jury.

5- Provide all the documents required to qualify for the award on the date announced

NGOs must provide all the documents required to qualify for the award on the date announced in the award announcement and on the website of the award.

6-  NGOs must send their files through one of these means:

  • By mail
  • Handing it at the foundation’s headquarters located at 63 Syria Street – Mohandessin – Giza.

7-  Jury interviews

The internal committee stage begins as soon as the file submission stage is completed, and the award committee communicates with the accepted NGOs to determine the dates of the jury interviews.

Contents of the presentation file:

Please consider submitting your file in the following order and make sure to abide by the number of pages, if any. Each section of the file will be evaluated and awarded scores, so please make sure that all required sections are present within the presentation file and present it in sections with separators divided as follows:

The first section:

  • One page contains the name and address of the NGO in Arabic and English, proclamation year, and the fields of work of the association.
  • Sealed registration certificate
  • Auditor’s report for the past two years
  • A copy of the last general assembly/board meeting
  • An authorization letter to the official responsible for communication within the NGO, signed and stamped with the NGO’s seal.
  • Approving the grant disbursement aspects

The second section (maximum of four pages):

  • Introduction about the NGO
  • Vision and mission
  • The NGO’s plan and goals for 2019

Section Three (Maximum of Five Pages):

  • The number of permanent employees and the number of volunteers
  • List with the names of employees and volunteers
  • The organizational chart of the NGO’s work team which includes the role of each team

Section Four (maximum of ten pages):

  • The number of years of experience and the number of projects / programs that have been implemented to date.
  • Brief explanation of projects / programs implemented or under implementation.
  • Places of expansion within the governorates and the nature of the presence in each governorate.
  • The latest performance reports and achievements or the latest annual report
  • Protocols of cooperation with other institutions or associations

Section Five (Maximum of Ten Pages):

A proposal for the project presented to the award to target development, and includes the following:

  • Objectives
  • Target audience
  • Team responsibilities
  • Budget
  • Implementation plan
  • Evaluation mechanisms
  • The expected results
  • The project can be ongoing or under implementation or a future idea.
To register for the award, please visit the following website: www.pdf-eg.org/award