NGO Capacity Building Program

The NGOs Capacity Building Program is designed to support NGOs, develop effective and well-managed organizations that make best use of their human and financial resources to maintain business sustainability. With great focus on delivering successful strategies, emerging tools as well as specific skills and tactics necessary to build the capacity of NGOs, the program aims at empowering these organizations to push forward and better perform, internally and towards the community they serve.


  • Transfer of skills and know-how
  • Create awareness
  • Promote the HRD
  • Promote decentralization through empowering of NGO’s concept
  • Encourage and motivate the sharing of knowledge between organizations

Program Design

The program includes several tracks that cover the different level within the organization as follow:

Organization Capacity Building: (Duration 15 Days)

Addressing key persons through management training of decision makers of NGOs such as CEOs, Executive Directors & General Managers by assisting them to acquire organizational, management and behavioral skills so that they can produce an interesting combination of homegrown activism and modern management technique that would help them to achieve better results.

  • Admin and Fundraising Systems
  • Finance for Non Profits
  • Total Quality Management
  • Communication & Leading Change
  • Strategy and Leading Organizations
  • Automation

Individual Capacity Building:

This program aims at building the capacity of individuals and the preparation of human resources within the organization as well as developing their skills. By undergoing this program, individual staff members will understand the importance of performing and completing their tasks within the given time and learn taking initiatives to respond to the emerging needs of the communities they serve.

A) Senior Level (14 days)

  • Communication & Human Relation Skills
  • Managing others
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Process Improvement
  • Total Quality Management
  • Project Management

B) Middle Level (14 Days):

  • Communication and Human Relation Skills
  • Administration Skills
  • Total Quality Management
  • IT skills


For NGOs registration or for more information, please visit our website

Or kindly send your inquiries directly to:

For queries please contact PDF. Call us on + (202) 3305 9513/14

Address: 63 Syria Street, Mohandessin. Professional Development Foundation (PDF)

Selection Criteria (NGOs only)

  • NGOs must have legal documents.
  • NGOs must have a minimum of 10 employees on payroll.
  • Selecting NGOs from various sectors such as (Human Resources Development, Community Development, Women Development, Environmental Development)
  • Working with all NGOs sizes (Large, Medium & Small).

Program Partners

With the intent to offer a highly specialized training program, PDF in partnership with Microsoft grant Nonprofit Organizations with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to work more effectively and efficiently toward accomplishing their missions.

Such cooperation in combination with this initiative will definitely make a significant difference to participants from the Civil Society sector that would otherwise not have the opportunity to receive such support and training.