Bright Egypt

Nothing speaks better to the heart and mind than true and thoughtful words and encounters. At such hardships and challenging times,Bright Egypt stands out as a gateway for motivational stories. Such stories aim at shedding light on achievements of underrated Egyptians. Operated by the Civil Society Support Center, Bright Egypt brings together accomplishments of creative ideas, inspirational success stories and life experiences on a unified online platform. Thus creating community-building ideas that will infuse hope, cooperation, work and harmony among us as Egyptians.

By shedding the light on such a segment within the society, Bright Egypt accentuates the fact that the biggest accomplishments could be achieved no matter how limiting the resources and circumstances might be. We strive to expose the public to such effective building blocks of today’s community, those which prove that it’s always possible – to achieve! For more on the success stories:


In partnership with IT giant Microsoft, Techsoup was able to expand the donations program globally with Egypt being one of top priority countries. Techsoup Global provides the platform, products, central administration and support necessary for the program, while PDF localizes and delivers the program in Egypt as well as managing the eligibility processes.