Fundraising Consultancy

Providing the needed financial resources for NGOs is not an easy job, as NGOs are obliged to promote for their causes in order to get sponsors and funding bodies to help and support them in making their projects see the light. 

Accordingly, NGOs Portal created the Fundraising Consultancy service in order to help NGOs overcome the obstacles they face and get the needed funding by providing top notch consultants to answer their queries when required. 

To further encourage NGOs to submit their queries, the portal is providing answers through the consultants within 2 days only. Please browse/search our list of (FAQ); frequently asked questions, as you may find the answers to your questions.

*NGOs Portal offers a fundraising consultancy based on an agreement with a third party consultant.However, the portal is neither responsible for consultancy tips offered nor endorses views represented by the fundraising consultant.

– Organizational Profile: Make sure you have developed your organizational profile that will have the basic information about the name of your organization, contact address, contact person, objectives, vision, working areas etc. – Brochure: A brochure is a more attractive way of presenting your organizational profile. You can get it printed with interesting text and graphics. – Annual Report: The annual report comes with the complete documentation of one year’s activity along with the financial details. – Governing Document: A governing document provides an overview of how your organization is structures. – Fact Sheet: A fact sheet offers quick and concise information about the organization. – Website: Websites have now become essential tools of identification. They can play a powerful role while raising funds from international donors. Any donor sitting remotely would first like to take a look at your website.

– To organize funds for your organization – Projects proposal writing – Institutional

Try to find the differences and uniqueness of your own programs/projects. What new approach have you used? Usually, each NGO services a different aspect or a different community – with rare overlap. Develop a ‘bigger picture’ with other NGOs that illustrates comprehensive and diverse package of services and projects.