Civil Society Support Center (CSSC)

In light of the increasing role played by the NGOs sector in Egypt and out of PDF’s strong belief in the importance of the Civil Society as a catalyst for development, PDF launched the Civil Society Support Center (CSSC) in 2009 with the NGOs Capacity Building Program as its first program.

CSSC’s main mission is to empower the Egyptian civil society in its quest for a more open society with a respect for the rule of law, human development and social sustainability. The center is working to support and develop the NGOs competences in the civil society. This in return will allow for better sustainability and capacity effectiveness. CSSC offers practical and theoretical trainings along with technical support to strengthen the linkage between the country’s efforts and the private & civil sectors.

CSSC’s main programs aim to:
  • Build capacity in Egyptian NGO’s
  • Encourage and motivate the sharing of knowledge between organizations impacting society.
  • Support the continuous development for NGOs.
  • Provide consultation for NGOs.
  • Develop a network for NGOs.
  • Create a platform to incubate NGOs.
  • Provide a range of services to civil society organizations.
  • Provide the opportunity for NGOs to work together for common purposes.